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Trumpeter of Krakow
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Beetle Mosaic


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Dragon Button


Visit the Keep Homestead Museum and view the one of the largest collections of Antique and Vintage Buttons on display in the Northeast

The buttons are exhibited on a rotating basis, but on permanent display is the fantastic collection of Mosaic Buttons. They depict flowers, birds, animals, people, common buildings and not-so-common building scenes.

Presently, along with the Mosaic Buttons, are buttons from the Art Nouveau era. There are Gibson Girl Buttons, Enamels and Gay Nineties Buttons as well as Opera Buttons, Storybook Buttons and other Figural Buttons manufactured during this time period.

Also, there are buttons of Historical Significance, Military, Political and Colonial Buttons. This only a sampling of what you can expect to see when you visit Myra's Button room at the Keep Homestead Museum (KHM).

Below are other types of buttons in the collection:

SatsumaMother of PearlKate Greenaway
Black GlassIrridized GlassPaper Weights
Beatrix PotterStudio ButtonsSilver Lustres
Gold LustresBullet ButtonsButton String
Golden AgeJerusalem PearlsBrooks

This only partially describes the vast collection of buttons here at the museum,
but seeing is believing, so come and visit us at the KHM in Monson, MA

Click below to visit the Featured Buttons:


Recarding Buttons

Button Room

Button Room

For previous Featured Buttons, click here

If you have questions about buttons, email Jacquie, our Button Lady

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