Button Collection

One of many button display cases (photo courtesy Judy Weaver)

One of many button display cases. Most cases are accompanied by a magnifying glass to better observe the immense attention to detail. (photo courtesy Judy Weaver)

Sample of custom button card by Myra Keep (photo courtesy Judy Weaver)

The Keep Homestead Museum has one of the largest collections of antique and vintage buttons on display in the U.S. The exhibit changes frequently in an effort to exhibit more than a tiny percentage of the collection.

On permanent display is a fantastic collection of mosaic buttons. They are extremely detailed—even the smallest buttons—and depict flowers, birds, animals, people, historical buildings and not-so-well-known building scenes.

Along with the mosaic buttons, the collection includes Kate Greenaway buttons, Art Nouveau and Gibson Girl buttons, enameled and Gay Nineties buttons, as well as opera, storybook, and other figural buttons manufactured during this time period, to name a small portion of the variety of buttons in the museum’s extensive collection. Many of the buttons are featured in creative mountings.

Also displayed are buttons of historical significance, military, political, and colonial buttons. This only a sampling of what you can expect to see when you visit Myra’s button room and throughout every room in the house at the Keep Homestead Museum. Click here for an online archive of featured buttons.

Types of buttons in the collection:


Mother of pearl

Kate Greenaway

Black glass

Iridized glass

Paper weights





Advertising symbols


Beatrix Potter

Studio buttons

Silver lustres

Gold lustres

Bullet buttons

Button string

Golden Age

Jerusalem pearls


This only partially describes the vast collection of buttons here at the museum, but seeing is believing. Come visit the Keep Homestead Museum in Monson, Massachusetts.

If you have questions about buttons, email Moira, our Button Lady.

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