Alan Robert Phillips Sculpture Garden

Sculpture in the Keep gardenAlan Robert Phillips (1916–2005) was an engineer-turned-sculptor who lived in Monson.

His sculptures were exhibited at Chesterwood in Stockbridge and Hampshire College in Amherst. The June 1, 2011 tornado struck hard at the Phillips property. In order to remove trees and debris, the outdoor sculptures had to be moved. An agreement was made among his sons, Stephen and Mark Phillips, the Monson Arts Council and the town of Monson to create a sculpture garden at the Keep Homestead Museum.

The pieces below are scattered around the property and range in size from 12 feet to 15 inches! In some spots they are surrounded by plantings.

Sculptures with Flowers

Click here to learn more about Alan and his sculptures.

“UnCubed” on display at Hampshire College

Click here for a Hampshire College blog post about Phillips titled “UnCubed: The Story of a Sculptural Legacy.” Below is the sculpture now located near the Hampshire College administration building in Amherst, Massachusetts. “UnCubed” is abstract and was created with folded sheets of stainless steel that resemble origami.