Community Garden

Monson Community Garden at Keep Homestead MuseumThe Monson Community Garden at Keep Homestead Museum was established in 2011, just in time for the tornado and “Snow-tober.”

Raised beds in the Community GardenThe garden is all volunteer and organic with a maximum of 16 full size plots 25 x 25 sq. ft.  Any of these can be divided into 12 x 25 sq. ft. half plots. There are also two 8’ x 40” raised gardens for low-mobility gardeners.

Thanks to the town of Monson and the Friends of the Keep Homestead Museum, there is town water available for irrigation from a faucet at the corner of every four plots, a lockable storage shed for gardening tools, a tractor, and a porta-potty. Visit the Monson Community Garden website for more information.

The gardeners who use the Community Garden plots benefit from the sponsorship of Curaleaf, located in Ware. Their interest in the garden is appreciated specifically and in locally raised food in general. Their willingness to “put your money where your mouth is” is greatly admired. This financial help allows for expenses such as a tractor break down, the cost of planting a cover crop in the Fall, and on and on.