Keep Property Records

The Keep Homestead property came together piece-by-piece. The records, especially for earlier purchases, were not always clear or complete but roughly show how the land for the farm was acquired.

1733: Benjamin Munn purchased 120 acres from the 1st Division (Brimfield during the sixth year of King George II reign) from David Shaw.

1742: Robert Moulton purchased 5 acres from the 4th Division (King’s grant) from David Shaw.

1746: Land purchased from Anthony Stoddard.

1746: 120 acres—the “Elbow Tract”—purchased from David Shaw for £260.

1773: Abijah Newell purchased land from Noah Sabin for £200.

1792: Esbon White acquired 10 acres from Abijah Newell (also Newhall).

1824: Alfred Ely purchased 4 acres from Esbon White.

Starting in 1853, Marcus Chapin began acquiring land in bits and pieces, clearly putting the farm together. Marcus married Lamira Keep and moved into the house on Ely Road circa 1854.

1853: 26 acres, 130 rods purchased from Esbon White for $349.

1854: 59 1/2 acres purchased from Holton Olmstead for $3,500.
The land was a half mile southwest of Meeting House and was bordered by the properties of Henry Gates, H. Newton, and the Joel Hitchcock house. It was also bordered by Hampden Cotton Mfg., the land of Alfred Hitchcock (15 acres 16 rods), Stephen Toby (16 rods), Samuel Mcintosh, Henry Gates, and Homer Stacy (27 1/2 acres), as well as Jacob Thompson’s mowing lot and Amanda Harvey’s house.

1855: 4 acres purchased from Alfred Ely for $250.

1856: 102 acres and buildings (the farm in Monson) purchased from Dwight Shaw of Chicopee for $1,000.

1856: Simeon Keep Jr.’s oldest son (Lamira Keep’s brother), Ethan Keep, had died young. Two of his three children—Edward Purrington and Mary—were sent to live with Marcus and Lamira Chapin. Edward helped Marcus with the farm, and in 1856 Marcus deeded half the property to Edward for $1,625. This land was a half  mile southwest of the Meeting House and was formerly owned by Holton Olmstead (see 1854 above) with buildings thereon. It also included land from Alfred Ely (see 1855 above).